About me

Chun-Hua Tsai, Ph.D.

I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis (ISQA), College of Information Science & Technology, at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

My research interests center around developing fair, trustworthy, and transparent AI using data-driven, data visualization, and user-centered design approaches. I see my research agenda to support and contribute to Fair and Explainable AI (XAI) through the HCI and HCC methodologies.


  • 01/2022: One book chapter was accepted by Springer Book "xxAI - Beyond explainable Artificial Intelligence". :)

  • 12/2021: I am now recruiting Masters/Ph.D. students to start in Fall 2022. Contact me if you are interested.

  • 11/2021: One paper was accepted by ToCHI. :-)

  • 11/2021: One paper was accepted by iConference 2022

  • 10/2021: One paper was accepted by CSCW 2022.

  • 09/2021: Two papers were accepted by ACM Group 2022.

  • 05/2021: Our journal paper was accepted by CSCW 2021 - "With Help from Afar: Cross-Local Communication in an Online COVID-19 Pandemic Community".

  • 05/2021: I will join the College of IS&T at the University of Nebraska Omaha as an assistant professor in fall 2021. :-)

  • 04/2021: Two conference papers were accepted by C&T 2021 - "COVID Kindness: Patterns of Neighborly Cooperation during a Global Pandemic" (Best Paper Award) & "Making Space for Support: An Exploratory Analysis of Pandemic-Response Mutual Aid Platforms".

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