@University of Nebraska Omaha

ISQA 3400: Information Technology Infrastructure

This course provides an introduction to IT infrastructure issues. It covers topics related to both computer and systems architecture and communication networks, with an overall focus on the services and capabilities that IT infrastructure solutions enable in an organizational context.

  1. Fall 2021, 29 Undergraduate Students (online)

  2. Spring 2022, 13 Undergraduate Students (in-person)

  3. Fall 2022 (Expected)

@Pennsylvania State University

IST 311: Object-Oriented Design and Software Applications

IST 311 is among the courses making up the Application Design & Development option in the Baccalaureate degree in Information Sciences and Technology. This course is normally taken in the 5th or 6th semester. It is the first upper-division course in the option sequence. The course is intended to provide students with a background in object-oriented design and object-oriented application development. Students will learn the fundamentals of object-oriented analysis, design, and modeling. They will apply design concepts and develop the skills necessary to bring an idea through the different phases of the application development lifecycle. The course normally involves students working on teams to design and develop working application prototypes.

  1. Spring 2021, 44 Undergraduate Students (hybrid teaching due to COVID-19 pandemic)

  2. Spring 2020, 19 Undergraduate Students (hybrid teaching due to COVID-19 pandemic)

@University of Pittsburgh

INFSCI 2710: Database Management

Basic graduate course on database systems. Centralized relational database systems with an emphasis on database design, implementation, and administration. Comprehensive coverage of SQL, data modeling, normalization, storage management, transaction management, and query evaluation. Students will develop practical skills in building and maintaining realistic medium-scale database systems. Also covers more advanced topics including data warehousing and OLAP.

  1. Instructor, Spring 2018, 47 Graduate Students

  2. Instructor, Summer 2018, 17 Graduate Students

  3. Instructor, Fall 2018, 57 Graduate Students

  4. Instructor, Spring 2019, 47 Graduate Students

INFSCI 2300: Human Information Processing

Introduction to research and theory in human cognition, including perception, attention, pattern recognition, memory, representation of knowledge, language, problem-solving, reasoning, and decision making, with emphasis on modeling human cognition and implications for user interface design and design of intelligent systems.

  • Summer 2017, 17 Graduate Students

  • Fall 2017, 23 Graduate Students